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  • Worried about the lower drink drive limit and whether you are legal to drive? Its like trying to drive to a certain speed without a speedo....

    On the 1st December 2014 NZ's drink drive limit dropped from 400ug/L to 250ug/l. This is almost half of what it was....so make sure you don't get caught out! Invest in a LifeGuard breathalyser.

    This is an Australian Standards certified breathalyser which uses the same fuel cell sensor technology as Police grade breathalysers.

    High quality unit, made in the USA.

    It shows an accurate and reliable digital reading of the current alcohol level, and has an on-board calibration reminder set.

    This unit reads in increments of 10 micrograms, the same as the Police breathalyzers, and graphs the last 3 test results for comparison.

    Used by individuals who are serious about accuracy and want to be able to make an informed decision about their alcohol level before they drive.

    Also suitable for use in small workplaces. 

    LifeGuard Premium Personal Breathalyser

    LifeGuard Premium Personal Breathalyser