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We are still open for business! Our team are all working remotely so we can offer you the same great level of support. Please have all orders in by 12pm each day during the covid 19 lockdown. We have large stocks of most products with more in transit.

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Sober Check is New Zealand’s largest and most trusted wholesaler of certified drug and alcohol testing equipment.  

For over 10 years we have been delivering great results to our growing customer base, and we will continue to do so.

We will continually expand our range of products to meet the demands of the market, and our customers - if we haven't got it , we will do our best to get it for you.

We supply nationwide to a wide range of industry sectors.

We are all about making it easy for you to implement testing in your workplace, if we haven't already talked with you regarding your drug & alcohol testing requirements, we look forward to doing so soon ! 

Call us anytime on 0800 700 777 to discuss your drug & alcohol testing requirements, we specialise in making it easy for you.

Who are we & What can we offer you ?

We are a team of dedicated people who are fiercely passionate about making New Zealand a safer place to work and play.

Here's what we can offer you -

  • A great experience every time you deal with us !
  • Fast and FREE delivery to your door on all our products.
  • Fair pricing, first time.
  • A tailored loyalty programme.
  • The wholesale supply of quality products.
  • Uncomplicated information and product support anytime.

Our Team

Gavin Foster - Managing Director image

Gavin Foster - Managing Director

Gavin is one of the Directors at Sober Check, and has over 10 years experience in this sector.

During earlier years Gavin wore many hats, he now mainly focuses on new business development and sourcing innovative products from around the world. 

Gavin loves to interact with our customers - he sees them as strategic partners and allies for mutual growth.

Gavin's tip - Never settle for average, embrace feedback and stretch yourself.


+64 9 4318 518

Rebecca Foster - Marketing image

Rebecca Foster - Marketing

Rebecca is involved in Sober Check's marketing and one of the business owners. She has been involved with the business since 2006 so has a great understanding of our customers requirements.

Rebecca mainly focusses on marketing activities such as brochures, social media and website. She loves feedback about our website - feel free to contact her with suggested improvements!

Sober Check believes in giving back to the community, we support a variety of charities such as Starship, RIDNZ, St Johns, Northland Rescue Helicopter.

A quote to live by - Refuse mediocrity - be so good they can't ignore you!


0800 700 777

Brett Strong - Operations image

Brett Strong - Operations

Brett has been with Sober Check since September 2015. He has a background in banking, finance and accounting.

Brett is responsible for keeping the day to day operations of Sober Check running smoothly.  He orders products from our suppliers, invoices orders, calibrates breathalysers and dispatches products from our warehouse on-site.  

He also spends a lot of time each day working on Smart Start Interlocks and dealing with our clients and nationwide installers over the phone.

If you have any questions about products or calibration then Brett is the one to contact!  

0800 700 777

Mathias Foster - Business Development image

Mathias Foster - Business Development

Mathias is a new-ish addition to Sober Check, he leads Sober Check team.

He brings a fresh view on the business and modern ways to work! He is continually improving the way we operate to help bring extra value to our customers.

If you have any new products or concepts, Mathias is the one to talk to!

If you are looking for a change of career and are self motivated, innovative, progressive thinking and passionate about making NZ a safer place, contact should be made with Mathias.




0800 700 777

Renee Morton - Customer Support image

Renee Morton - Customer Support

Renee is a great addition to our team at Sober Check and is enjoying being involved in helping individuals achieve safer working environments.

She brings a lot of life, fun and energy with her!

Renee has a background in customer service and sales.

If you call Sober Check Renee will most likely answer your call. She keeps in close contact with our valued customers.

If you would like to find out how to get started with drug and alcohol testing in your company then give Renee a call - she would love to help you.

0800 700 777

Your satisfaction is important to us !

We reward you for your loyalty.
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