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Testing for alcohol in workplaces is very common, particularly in workplaces that have employees carrying out safety sensitive tasks, or driving company vehicles.

Some companies get in an outside provider to do this testing for them- this can work well.  However, you are often faced with a waiting period before the test can be carried out.

Many companies now invest in an accurate breathalyzer such as the Lifeloc FC10 to do their own testing. You can  run a passive screen test or use a mouthpiece to get a digital readout - similar to the units the Police use to do their roadside testing.

A breathalyser can be used to test staff when they arrive at work, when there is an incident, or for after work drinks to check your staff are under the legal limit before driving home.

There is no Standard around workplace alcohol testing.  However, we recommend that you use an accurate breath tester. If you get an alcohol reading you should stand that staff member down for 15 minutes (under supervision) then re-test. Use the lower of the two tests to act on as per your drug and alcohol testing policy.





Reasonable cause


The most accurate and cost effective way to test for alcohol is with an accurate digital breathalyser. We recommend the Lifeloc FC10 for workplaces, it has the option of screen testing to show a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE result, and a digital readout mode.

Call us to let us know what your requirements are, and we can recommend the best solution for your needs.