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Drug testing is common in the medical and addiction treatment sectors in NZ.

We supply to -

  • Medical centres that do workplace drug testing
  • Addiction treatment centres that test their clients while on their programmes
  • District Health Boards that test as part of their mental health or addiction treatment programmes
  • Prisons that test in their medical units

We sell a range of products to this sector such as synthetic cannabis testers, GHB testers, urine alcohol dip testers as well as a range of urine drug cups.

We have developed a drug cup specifically for this sector - the OneScreen 10 panel drug cup which tests for 10 different drugs. This is used as a screen tester and if any drugs come up as 'positives' the urine can then be sent to the lab for confirmation testing but only for that specific drug/s - saving you in lab costs!

The major advantages of doing screen testing are -

  • cost effective - save on lab testing costs
  • you can quickly screen test across a range of drugs to identify what the issue is (particulalry useful for mental health) then make an informed decision of how to act
  • fast - results within 5 minutes

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